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A vertical garden or living green wall is a horizontal garden turned sideways. Not found anywhere in nature, however with the right system it can be done with great success.

Desert Dream Gardens is keen on supplying their customers unique and sustainable green solutions, suitable for the challenging Middle East climate.  Partnering with one of the world’s largest Green Wall suppliers from Holland, who have developed one of the most successful green wall systems available globally, the SemperGreen Wall.

Our Green Walls contribute to greener cities through:

Green living architecture: integration of plants and water with built form.

Creative space segmentation: Green Walls can accent the overall esthetic beauty of a living space. The outdoor ambiance can also be brought indoor, herewith creating an open and pleasant environment.

Urban landscaping: Our green walls are a solution for many urban problems, such as urban heating (heat island effect), climate change, noise and air pollution. Living walls enhance urban spaces and offer improvement of natural surroundings for humans and animals.

Healthy workspace: Health, well-being and sustainability are main drivers of real estate value.

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in office buildings has a proven positive effect on employee health, well-being and productivity. Our green walls can also contribute to WELL-certified buildings.

Retail interior design: Our green walls enhance the shopping experience in shops and malls, creating a pleasant environment where people want to stay longer. In addition, it reduces noise, pollution and ambient temperature. For new as well as existing buildings, our green walls can help contribute to BREEAM or LEED scores.

Furthermore, our green walls are fire certified (Class B-s2, dO), foreseen with a fire-retardant layer

Plant design: The plant design possibilities are endless. As an architect, you could supply your own design and plant preference. Plant patterns and logos are among the many options for our Vertical Gardens. We have extensively tested numerous plants in the challenging climate of the Middle East and carefully selected a number of species which are growing with success in our indoor and outdoor Green Walls.

Pre-grown Panels:  Our experience and expertise results to the selection of the right type of strong plant varieties suitable for our Green Walls in this region. We give special care to our pre-grown panels and offer a perfectly grown façade which has at least 90% coverage on delivery.

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