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The climate in the Middle East is such, that it does not allow the local population to be regularly enjoying the benefits of greens outdoors. Adding the fact that the indoor climate in this region is increasingly becoming hazardous to the health, due to closed living spaces with CO2 producing humans, animals and air conditions, increasingly effecting the wellness indoors.


This is undoubtedly making it necessary to bring the outdoor green indoors. Plentitude of indoor plants is a highly effective way of purifying the indoor climate, beautifying the indoor living spaces, cleaning the air by catching dust particles and being destressing elements in living areas.Indoor plants can also undoubtedly bring character, design and happiness to indoor environments. They are a living positive contribution to our wellness and wellbeing, as well as to our next generations.

Interior Design

Industrial look – Minimalistic design

Indoor plants are the x-factor in the modern Industrial and minimalistic look in the interiors of living spaces.

Desert Dream Gardens are supplying you uncountable shades of plants which can literally bring life, colour and the enhanced design element to the very trendy, grey-shaded, futuristic architecture. The indoor plants encourage one’s imagination towards arrangements with a high degree of creativity.


Together with the other benefits of plants, such as air-purification, air-cleansing, increasing wellness, beautifying, the selected indoor plants can strengthen the modern architectural concept of Industrial look, the look of tomorrow.


Desert Dream Gardens is supplying a large variety of beautiful, easy to maintain, less water requiring succulent plants. These vast variety of plants offer numerous possibilities of beautifying any interior living space, nurturing your sense of creativity.

Bring Your Garden Indoors

Indoor plants make your living areas more comfortable, making the space feel fresh and more alive. In the Middle East, due to local climate, one is forced to stay indoors most of the time. We, as well as our children and pets are suffering from poor air quality indoors. The wellness of indoor living spaces is deteriorating rapidly.

We, at Desert Dream Gardens, are happy to help you improve the indoor air quality by supplying you a large number of indoor plants and arrangements. These plants are a great help in purifying the air quality, decreasing fine dust, enhancing design and guaranteeing better wellness indoors for humans and animals, securing a healthier tomorrow.

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